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Laundry Lifehacks: Simplifying Your Dubai Lifestyle With Clever Garment Care Tips

Laundry & Dry Clean

Perhaps one of the most exhausting household chores is laundry, which requires enough time to plan and execute. Even then, there are times when you can be disappointed with the outcome. That is why people have faded or discolored clothes gathering dust in t

heir wardrobes (some of them are even new). In reality, 90% of clothing could well have been discarded before it is actually worn. This is a gross waste of money and excessive usage of water, detergent, and energy, which results in environmental harm. 

Diva Laundry uses eco-friendly detergents, which fortify our focus on sustainability and ensure the preservation of your clothes. Click here to learn more.

While this blog may not be entirely dedicated to sustainable washing, certain unique lifehacks make laundry day easy and, of course, may even contribute to preserving the environment. Laundry hacks are necessary to minimize the pressure of stain removal and, in general, make washing hassle-free.

Before you start your washing routine, we advise you to prep your clothes first. Check the pockets, open the zippers, and unshackle the buckles. Velcro must be secured to avoid abrasion, and hooks must be closed to enable seamless washing.

Use natural agents to restore your towels’ fluffiness

Put small spoons of baking soda and vinegar and the regular amount of detergent into the loader along with some hot water and rinse well. Use the highest setting to dry your towels completely after the washing is complete. Pro tip: don’t use fabric softeners. 

Disinfecting your washing machine

Most people ignore this crucial process. You could use mouthwash to disinfect your machine before a wash. Bacteria are destroyed, and your machine is germ-free and ready for the deep cycle. Take three spoonfuls, and without adding any clothing, let it get into a single cycle first. Then, fill the machine with clothes. 

The symbols

Different fabrics require different water temperatures to preserve color and simultaneously remove dirt and stains. Hot water may be used to remove bacteria, and cold water cleans fragile and bright-colored garments. Read the care instructions that come with each piece of clothing, and you will find details about the ideal washing cycle, the water temperature, and whether professional dry cleaning is required to best preserve the fabric. 

Aspirin tablets for whiter clothes

It’s true! Sweat stains and flying dirt can ruin pure white clothes, and these are also some of the reasons people choose not to wear them. Did you know that aspirin tablets can re-whiten your clothing? Salicylic acid in the tablets helps fight stains and dirt, reinventing the white shine in clothes. Just throw a couple of pills into the washing machine along with the garments and complete your cycle. 

Diva Laundry Professional Laundry

Professional Laundry

Better still, get professional laundry services from Diva Laundry to eliminate the headache of sorting and meticulously washing your clothes. We are the A to Z of everything washing and ensuring your clothes are bright and crisp the next time you wear them.

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