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The Ecolab Program: Fighting Tough Stains Sustainably

Laundry services, as important as they are, can be highly underestimated. An integral part of everyday life, it is crucial to use conscientiousness in laundry, especially because it involves the appearance of an individual, which, in turn, adds to the appeal. Besides, there’s also nature – water. The discussion around sustainability has been around since 1972, and businesses have been recognizing the impact of their actions and doing their bit to ensure they contribute to the idea to the fullest. Diva Laundry is a proud participant in the Ecolab program that focuses on optimizing natural resources around the world while helping people with their everyday chores.  

What is Ecolab? 

Ecolab was founded in 1923 when an Economic Laboratory was established in collaboration with Merritt J. Osborn, who developed Absorbit® to clean carpets on the spot without shutting down a hotel, which was routine. This saved the company and customers time, labor, and money, thus infusing the element of economics developed through lab research.  

Since then, Ecolab has emerged as a global leader in energy technologies, protecting vital resources such as water, food, and energy while trying to create safe, clean, and healthy environments. The company provides innovative solutions using advanced data analytics and insights, improving operational efficiencies and reducing water and energy costs simultaneously.  


Resolving Challenges 

With a volatile future for the generations ahead and continued growth in the populace, affluence, diets, and others, there is an unseen stress to hasten the preservation of the world’s naturally available resources. These unstable dynamics are also unveiling new contradictions and challenges for businesses. Ecolab addresses sustainability impediments by trying to fulfill the demand for food, energy, water, and healthy environments through solutions that will help businesses navigate evident challenges effectively.  



Commercial laundry services handling large inventories with vast customer bases can avail of a variety of programs and products offered by Ecolab. These include eco-friendly fabric relaxants, linens, and others specially designed to care for a variety of fabrics. Advanced water and energy-saving technologies, including monitored dispensing systems, are also offered for precise washing and the best outputs.  

Ecolab’s patented technology and intelligent dispensing provide fresh, crisp laundry results that are long-lasting. The use of enhanced clean water maintains the whiteness of a fabric for prolonged periods.  

Customers’ sustainability goals are fortified when low-temp chemistry, actionable insights, and expertise come together to deliver both energy and water savings. The stain management program helps reduce utility costs, improve operational efficiency, and extend the life of linens. Ecolab presently covers every unique circumstance to ensure every linen is hygienically cleaned and minimizes the risk of outbreaks through the infection prevention program.  

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