Professional Alteration including Pant Alterations

Pant alterations are sometimes essential to have a well-fitted formal dress. We assist our customer look prim and proper not just with the way clothes are laundered, but also with HOW THEY FIT?

In case, The pants are torn, have damaged buttons, or have hem or fitting issues, we can get that sorted for you. We are a leading professional alteration service providers where we specialize in pant alteration services. All you need to do is connect with us, and let us know what you need.















We offer a wide range of pant alteration services to our clients:

  • New Zippers 

  • Hem Adjustment

  • Waist Adjustment

Man with Suit.jpeg
  • Tapering


  • Buttons

We are here to serve you better! We aim to give you that complete impeccable look by complimenting our regular laundry services with Alteration services. Call us on 800-3301 for further enquiries.