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Costume and Mascot Cleaning Services in Dubai

When it comes to marketing, mascots hold a lot of significance in terms of brand recognition, competitive edge and above all, entertainment!

That’s why we offer specialized mascot cleaning services for companies so that they can add glitter to your brand and events.

An overview of our costume and mascot cleaning service

Here’s what you can expect from our costume and mascot dry cleaning services:


Trained, experienced staff

Handling the mascot cleaning services from start to end


Pre-cleaning inspection

To inspect the mascot or costume for stains and damages



Or treating stains with specialized chemicals


Actual Washing

Using specialized products and techniques to clean the mascots 

Get your Mascot Costumes for as low as AED 400-500 each!

Our mascot costume cleaning service

Our team is composed of experts trained in deep-cleaning mascots and costumes of any size, type and material.


We have a fleet of spacious pickup trucks and delivery vans that can accommodate any size and type of mascots and costumes. Our staff will pick them up carefully from your preferred location. We offer this service free for all our clients!


Industry-Approved Cleaning Practices

From pre-spotting to actual cleaning, our team uses a mix of mild and strong chemicals, leather cleaners, shampoos and softeners (based on the type of material and dirt and stains) to wash the mascot’s or costume’s head, body, hands, feet, inner padding and accessories.

Industry-Approved Cleaning Practices

Thorough Post-Washing Process

We dry the items in a neat and controlled environment and inspect them to ensure they are spotless and odor-free. We repeat the cleaning process if needed until we get the best results.

Thorough Post-Washing Process

Rigorous Quality Control

Once the mascot or costume arrives at the workshop, we count and tally the parts and inspect them for stains and damages. After washing the item, we re-inspect it for quality control and count the parts to ensure they are complete.

Rigorous Quality Control

Secure Packaging and Delivery

Our mascot laundry services also include packing and customized packaging if your item has special packing requirements. We then deliver the packaged mascot to the agreed location on your preferred time and date.

Secure Packaging and Delivery

Quick Turnaround Time

Our regular turnaround time for mascot cleaning is three to five working days.

 Quick Turnaround Time

Express Cleaning Services

We also offer express cleaning services, which guarantees you can get your clean mascot back in as fast as two working days.

Express Cleaning Services

When you need your mascot sparkling clean for an important event, schedule a pickup from one of our branches.


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