Mascots Cleaning Services in Dubai

When it comes to marketing, Mascots hold a lot of significance in terms of brand recognition, competitive edge and above all entertainment! That’s why we offer specialized cleaning services for your company mascots so that they add all that glitter to your brand and events.

Our regular turnaround time for cleaning of mascots is 3-5 working days. However, we offer express cleaning services along with Mascot Cleaning Services as well, for clients who are pressed on time as quick as 2 working days.

Whatever the size of your mascots may be, we have a fleet of spacious pickup and delivery vans to accommodate the mascots and costumes and we offer the service free for all our clients. A team of experienced drivers and pick up delivery guys will be sent on-site for Cleaning Mascots and they  pick up the mascots carefully.

Once the mascots arrive at the workshop and the parts are counted and tallied, our team inspects them for all stains and damages.

The stains are then carefully treated with specialized chemicals only so much as to not damage the colour or fabric of mascots.

Our team then uses a mix of mild and strong chemicals, leather cleaners, shampoos and softeners (as per the type of material and dirt), to clean mascots. They are then allowed to dry in a neat and controlled environment.

Once the cleaning process finishes, a close inspection of mascots is carried out again. The cleaning process is repeated, till we feel that the best possible cleaning has been achieved.

All the counted parts of mascots are then meticulously and systematically packed. We also offer customized packaging as per the client requirement for mascots.

The mascots are then delivered to the agreed location on a customer preferred time and date.


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