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Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Cleaning in Dubai

You wear your wedding gown for just one day, but its significance lasts a lifetime. It is one of your most precious possessions and a symbol of an important event in your life. As such, it deserves to be treated with special care.


Our wedding dress cleaning solutions ensure you can keep this significant memento from your important day in pristine condition no matter how long you keep it.

An overview of our wedding dress cleaning service

Here’s what you can expect from our costume and wedding dress dry cleaning service:


Trained, experienced staff

Handling the cleaning and preservation process


Pre-cleaning inspection

Which involves careful inspection of the wedding dress



Or treating stains with specialized chemicals


Actual Washing

Using specialized washing products and techniques to clean the dress

Get your Wedding Dress cleaned starting as low as AED 350!

Our wedding dress cleaning and preservation service

Our laundry experts use the safest, most effective cleaning products and techniques to bring your wedding dress back to its lovely, original condition and ensure it maintains its look and quality for many years.


Our service starts with collecting your wedding dress at your chosen location, time and date for free. Our staff will handle your garment with utmost care from pickup to delivery.


Thorough Cleaning Procedure

After inspecting and spot-treating the dress, we dry clean or wet clean the item based on the care label attached on the garment or your instructions.

Thorough Cleaning Procedure

Carefully Chosen Cleaning Products

We use only fresh solvents and other specially formulated gentle products for cleaning the wedding gown safely.

Carefully Chosen Cleaning Products

Post-Cleaning Treatment

After cleaning, we re-inspect the wedding gown and hand treat any remaining problem areas.

Post-Cleaning Treatment

Final Inspection

After pressing the wedding gown, we inspect it again. If we are not completely satisfied, we will repeat some or all of the previous steps until we are sure we have achieved the best possible results for your beloved dress.

Final Inspection

Wedding Dress Preservation

If you wish, we can preserve your precious garment by placing it into a vacuum-sealed, UV-protected box or bag to protect it from dirt and discoloration.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Secure Delivery

We will deliver the clean wedding dress to your specified location.

Secure Delivery

Smooth service from end-to-end

Our process is designed with our customers’ convenience in mind. Here’s how it works:





Arrange a pickup from home or drop off at our outlet


Inspection, pre-treatment, actual washing or dry cleaning


Free home delivery of your clean wedding dress

When you want to preserve your lovely keepsake from the most romantic event of your life, schedule a wedding dress dry cleaning service from Diva Laundry.


Wedding Gown.jpeg

Wedding Dress Cleaning

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