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Skilled and expert shoe cleaning in Dubai

It’s not easy keeping your shoe collection sparkling like new and that’s where a highly-skilled, professional sneaker and shoe cleaning service in Dubai comes into the picture. Whether it’s those white sneaks that dazzle a little less, streaks on your favorite colored heels or ugly scuffs, a reputed shoe laundry in Dubai like Diva Laundry can restore your shoes to their former glory through expert and professional cleaning methods.

How does our sneaker cleaning service in Dubai work?

Our professionals follow a 4-step process for delivering you spotless and clean shoes.

1. Inspection

  • Thorough checking of shoes for stains, pre-existing damage and material analysis.

  • Reporting pre-existing damage to customers.

2. Cleaning

  • Separating removable parts (laces, sole etc.) to clean each one individually.

  • Careful cleaning with a mix of appropriate European-grade chemicals. ​

3. Drying

  • We follow different drying methods to suit different textures .

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What are the benefits of choosing professional shoe laundry service providers?

1. Long Shoe Life

There’s no need to toss a pair because they look worn or less clean - the right shoe washing service in Dubai can have them looking fresh for longer.

2. Impeccable Cleaning

Our systems and processes are designed to gently but thoroughly clean your shoes in a damage free manner, making us one of the foremost trainer cleaning laundries in Dubai.

3. Complete Style

The perfect accessories and details matter, and we will help ensure that you are always well turned out top to toe.

4. Expertise With Luxury Shoe Brands

Diva Laundry’s repeat customers are happy to entrust their high-end branded shoes to us for cleaning and repair - rest assured that we will handle your items with care.

For the best shoe and sneaker dry cleaning services, we are just a phone call or message away. Get in touch with our professionals and put your best foot forward, just like before!


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