Diva Laundry provides Expert Laundry service with quick pick-up and delivery. Our range of services include Dry cleaning, Ironing and alterations as well. We have adept professionals for special care items like wedding gowns, soft toys , shoes and bags.
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Best laundry service in Dubai is here to ease your pain

The demand for a worthwhile laundry service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is growing at a staggering rate, given that most people are busy in their lives, they hardly have the time to get their laundry done. And in such circumstances, Diva laundry services come to their rescue.


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Dry Cleaning



Laundry is a Tiring Job

We know! Doing laundry on your own is indeed one of the most exhausting jobs on earth, and you would like to avoid such a chore, most often.


However, it's not possible to completely ignore the need for cleaning your clothes, and this is when Diva Laundry, the most reliable laundry service in Dubai comes to your rescue.

It is always better to hire experienced professionals. One of the reasons to choose our services is the commitment and quality service we are providing.

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Why Should You Choose Diva Laundry?

  • We aim to provide quick pick ups and delivery to your door step.

  • We have trained staff to answer all your concerns and questions and help you through the process.

  • We hire best in class cleaning and ironing experts with textile knowledge to handle your valuable clothes.

  • Our supervisors and managers follow strict workflow procedures and do multiple checks to ensure timely deliveries and quality services

Pick up and drop facility

When you're looking for reliable dry cleaners in Dubai, there are indeed numerous options to choose from. However, only a few of them will be able to fulfill your end-to-end requirements.


We value our customers' time and understand how busy life can get! That’s why, we offer laundry pick up right from your home, and we are among the leading dry cleaning service providers in Dubai offering this service. To make things easier for you, we have a dedicated team that deals in both picking and dropping off your laundry, from and to your location.

Get squeaky clean curtains

Curtains are by far the most tricky item to clean. We know that from our long-standing experience. We also proudly stand among the best curtain cleaners in Dubai.


The good news is, we have professional and experienced cleaning experts who understand fabrics and their nature.


Once we receive curtains, our textile experts check the material. They then take a very careful call as the type of cleaning agent, temperatures and ironing process to follow. We make sure to inform you beforehand if there are any potential risks the fabric might have (eg. Shrinkage, colour bleed etc.) before our experts start processing it. And it's only after your approval that we undertake to clean them. We strive to offer the next level of laundry services, right at your doorsteps. Our objective is to make sure that that your clothes are delivered perfectly clean.