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Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

As one of the leading carpet cleaning Dubai companies, Diva Laundry constantly strives to be the best cleaning company in Dubai and works consistently to achieve this goal. How so? First, we apply the safest cleaning methods to carpets while cleaning them. Second, we are transparent and open to all your queries even before you hire us, unlike many other carpet cleaners in Dubai. 

Feel free to call us anytime with your questions, we’re happy to help.


Our work model prioritizes customer relations ahead of profitability. We implement and follow the right procedures to deliver squeaky clean services as listed below:


Removal of dust particles and mites


Inspection for damage and pre approval


Selecting the best method based on fabric and colour


There are a number of different cleaning methods used for carpet cleaning. We ensure that our cleaning procedures are best-in-class and do not damage the texture of your carpet. We use proven methods to remove the stains and dust from your carpets, and employ only the best carpet cleaning machinery and equipment.

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Our textile experts conduct a thorough analysis of items (material, quality, damage, stains etc.) before processing them. We follow strict standards to ensure negligible damage and superior quality of service.

Chemicals used

There are a range of chemicals used during the process of cleaning. Certain chemical components are harmful for the durability and sustainability of your carpet. Therefore, we cater to a special category of safe chemicals and avoid other commonly used harsh chemicals. We stock the widest and the best-in-class range for carpet cleaning  to ensure the best results. 


For any further queries regarding our cleaning methods, our highly effective team of professional carpet cleaners are always ready to lend their expertise towards serving you. In this regard, we stand out from other carpet cleaners in the city. ​


We are also the most affordable and professional carpet dry cleaners in Dubai; it's obvious why we outrank the others. Here are a few of our high points:

Excellent Customer Relationship

We value our customer relationships and cater to all your needs with our dedicated panel of experts. Our team also closely monitors the cleaning process to ensure that none of the safety measures are violated, which could potentially harm our relationship with our clients.

Top-notch Industry Performance

We guarantee safety, and protection not only during the cleaning processes but also during pick-up and delivery of your items, to your home.


This at-home cleaning service from Diva Laundry is an easy alternative to having your carpet physically moved to our location. Our team will bring their equipment to your location at a scheduled time that works for you, as well as give you a time and cost estimate of the service. Select our on-site services if you have large, heavy carpets or wall-to-wall carpeting.


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To preserve invaluable memories!


For a spic and span home


Clean and refurbish for a complete makeover


For the perfect event

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For a safe and hygienic playtime

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Clean, crisp, dust-free drapes

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