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Expert Sofa Cleaning in Dubai

As one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house, your sofa grabs a lot of attention and unfortunately, a lot of wear and tear too. Family movie night with pizza, a few cuddles with your pet or even your morning coffee can leave their mark. Dust mites start to gather over the surface and go deep into folds and crevices. Fortunately, your sofa can be deep cleaned, and we at Diva Laundry are experienced at handling luxury sofas and stubborn stains at affordable prices.

Fights stains

Removes dust

Deep cleans dirt

Onsite sofa cleaning services - Sit back and let us come to you

Our expert team will drop into your location to clean your sofa at a time that’s convenient for you. Here’s what they do:





Call or contact us on our site or app


Our driver will come to your location


Pay by cash or card when they're delivered

How do we clean your luxury sofa?

We employ different methods depending on the material and the complexity of the issue or stains on your sofa.

Vacuuming the Couch

Get your Sofa cleaned for as low as AED 70!


Steam Heat Extraction

We utilize high temperature steam heat extraction technology to remove dust and other unhealthy particles from the surface of the sofa


Chemical Cleaning

This involves safe chemical cleaning agents that work on all fabric including leather. Deeply entrenched dirt and mites are stripped away through encapsulation  with a dry shampoo


Foam Cleaning

A specially formulated foam solution is applied by hand on to the sofa, worked into stains and allowed to rest for a short period of time


Dry Cleaning

This is similar to foam cleaning, but without water. We sprinkle a cleaning powder on the fabric and allow it to rest for a while.

Vacuuming Couch

Enjoy the best sofa cleaning prices in Dubai

How much we charge for cleaning your sofa depends on various factors, such as the material, the extent of the cleaning required and the type of stains. We will share a quote with you before we get started, but rest assured, Diva Laundry’s sofa cleaning service in Dubai offers the best value for your spend.

Sofa cleaning services at our outlets

Exclusively for detachable sofa covers, we offer in-house cleaning and free delivery post cleaning. To reach your cleaning to us you can either arrange a pickup of drop off at one of our outlets. Go to our Contact Us page to see all our branches.

Want to get your sofa cleaned by the experts? It’s simple, get in touch with us!


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