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Professional Soft Toy Cleaning Service in Dubai

Beloved stuffed animals and toys are part of your child's family. And they need to be washed every once in a while!  Since your little ones handle, snuggle and hug them close, it is important to select a stuffed toy cleaning service that prioritizes hygiene, safety and quality.

At Diva Laundry, your child's soft toys get all the attention and care they deserve to bring them back to life.

A look into our stuffed toy cleaning service

Here’s what you can expect from our soft toy dry cleaning and washing services:


Trained, experienced staff

Handling the dry cleaning and washing process from start to end


Pre-cleaning inspection

To check the item’s material and condition



To remove stains, odors, dust mites and insects and protect the material


Thorough washing or dry cleaning

Of individual soft toy

Get your Stuffed Toys cleaned for as low as AED 15 each!

Our cleaning process

We use only the safest, best quality cleaning and washing products and processes to give toys a new life.

We’re experienced at handling all kinds of soft toys and have strict protocols in place for different types of materials and issues.

Spot Treatment

We specialize in spot treatment to remove all kinds of stubborn stains. We guarantee this through state-of-the-art Italian cleaning machines and highly experienced textile cleaning staff.

Spot Treatment

Specially Formulated Shampoo and Cleaning Agents

Our textile experts and professional cleaners use safe, specially formulated shampoo and cleaning agents to ensure you enjoy the best cleaning results.

 Specially Formulated Shampoo and Cleaning Agents

Soft Toy Disinfection

Recognizing that hygiene is of paramount importance, we also offer disinfection of soft toys on request.

Soft Toy Disinfection

Secure Packing and Delivery

Once the cleaning and drying process is complete, the toys are packed and delivered to you.

Secure Packing and Delivery

Smooth service from end-to-end

Our process is designed with our customers’ convenience in mind. Here’s how it works:







Arrange a pickup from home or drop off at our outlet

Inspection, pre-treatment, actual washing or dry cleaning

Free home delivery of your clean soft toys

If you’re looking for a reliable stuffed toy cleaning service, get in touch with us now.


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