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Professional Soft Toy Cleaning Service in Dubai

Beloved stuffed animals and toys are part of your child's family. And they need to be washed every once in a while!  Since your little ones handle, snuggle and hug them close, it is important to select a stuffed toy cleaning service that prioritizes hygiene, safety and quality. At Diva Laundry, your child's soft toys get all the attention and care they deserve to bring them back to life.

Here’s how we go about soft toy dry cleaning or washing:

Pre-cleaning inspection and evaluation

Our experienced staff inspect the soft toys and treat them for the following before cleaning:

  • Odors

  • Stains

  • Material type

  • Dust mites and insects

Our cleaning process

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Our textile experts and professional cleaners  use specially formulated shampoo and cleaning agents which are not just mild to preserve the fur and prevent damage to the material but equally effective in ensure that you enjoy best cleaning results. . We specialize in  spot treatment to remove all kinds of stubborn stains. This we ensure through state of the art Italian cleaning machines and highly experienced textile cleaning staff. Once the cleaning and drying process is complete, they are ready to be packed and delivered to you. 


Recognizing that hygiene is of paramount importance, we also offer disinfection of soft toys on request.

Why a skilled stuffed toy animal cleaning service matters

Your little one’s stuffed toy is their constant companion - at bedtime, mealtimes, car journeys and more. This means that their cute teddy bear or adorable rag doll picks up allergens and soaks up dirt and spills 24/7. While you could run your child’s toys in the washing machine or handwash them, fabric types, bright colors and stubborn stains pose a big challenge. Without accurately evaluating these, your child’s beloved toy could be ruined. 

At Diva Laundry, we’re experienced at handling all kinds of soft toys and have strict protocols in place for different types of materials and issues.  We use only non-toxic, safe agents when we dry clean stuffed animals.


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