Diva Laundry provides Expert Laundry service with quick pick-up and delivery. Our range of services include Dry cleaning, Ironing and alterations as well. We have adept professionals for special care items like wedding gowns, soft toys , shoes and bags.
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Carpet and Sofa  Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is important to create a great ambiance in homes or offices and improve shelf life of a carpet. It should be done at least 2-3 times in a year. Unclean carpets are a home for an unlimited number of allergens, dust and bacteria. It is therefore advised to hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider to remove the deep stains, dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, pet and human hair etc from your carpets.

Benefits of carpet cleaning:
  • Improve ambiance and look in homes and offices: Cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner will help you remove the dust and other particles, but not the deep stains inside your carpets, a professional carpet cleaner will help you get rid of deep stains in no time.

  • Improve the odor of the carpet: Another reason to clean carpets is to improve its smell. This is especially important for homes with children and pets, who often vomit or urinate leaving the carpet with a bed smell. Routine and occasional cleaning of carpets is a great option to improve and maintain its smell.

  • Prevent the spread of allergen /bacteria: Regular carpet cleaning can prevent from harming your health. Especially for children, pets or someone in the home who is allergic to dust, carpet cleaning is essential.

Process We follow
At diva laundry , we take special are of your carpets. Our experienced staff inspect the carpet for following before cleaning –

1.    Odors
2.    Stains
3.    Material type
4.    Dust
5.    Mites and insects


Once we identify what all are the problem areas, our team proceeds to systematically proceed with the treatment. We use soft chemicals in the cleaning process to protect the shine, luster, colour and material itself to give you the most satisfactory experience of all.

The carpets are then allowed to dry ( as per the material). a second check of the cleaned carpet is done. If there is further scope of cleaning the carpet better, we make sure that its treated and done again. Of course, not all stains are removable and if further treatment might cause damage to the carpet, we would inform you accordingly.