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Top 5 Myths About Carpet Cleaning Busted: A Complete Guide From The Top Carpet Cleaning Services

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Top 5 Myths About Carpet Cleaning Busted: A Complete Guide From The Top Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether you have a commercial property or residential property, you want your floor carpet to stay gorgeous, colorful, and spick all the time. Cleaning your floor or wall carpet is a regular task and it is also important to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to get rid of ugly stains on your carpet. But it can be a challenging process when we have so many myths about carpet cleaning flying around us. Some of the myths are quite popular among homeowners. These popular myths can easily mislead you and make your carpet cleaning incomplete.

That is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 carpet cleaning myths. So that the homeowners who are trapped by these myths, know the truth which will bust these myths. Also read this blog to know the importance of hiring professional carpet cleaning services.

Myth No.1- “A Laundry That Has An Online Reputation, Will Clean My Carpet Efficiently”

Reality: This is not the whole truth. ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Reputed Laundry service will have a fully functional website. But that’s not all. You must check out the website carefully to know whether it has all the information regarding carpet cleaning. Always remember to read the testimonials from authentic customers. You must also read its website carefully to know the history, track record, and reputation of the company to get an idea about its services. Just because a laundry service has a huge online presence, you should not give your carpet to that company.

Myth No. 2- “ Carpet Cleaning Agents Can Damage My Carpet”

Reality: Once again this myth is not true at all. Carpet cleaning products are specially made to keep the integrity of your carpet fabric intact. If you hire professional carpet cleaners, they will use specially designed cleaning agents and standardized cleaning methods to clean your carpet while keeping the integrity and fabric of your carpet intact.

Best carpet cleaners banner with vacuum image
Best carpet cleaners banner with vacuum image

Myth No. 3- “ All Laundries Know How To Do Carpet Cleaning

Reality: This is one of the costliest myths and can make you choose disreputable, inexperienced, and ineffective carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning can be done by any laundry is a myth and it is wrong. Carpet cleaning requires different techniques, methods, cleaning agents, and experts as compared to ordinary laundry cleaning. The method of carpet cleaning can vary a lot from ordinary laundry cleaning.

Myth No. 4- “ Cleaning The Carpet Regularly Will Ruin It”

Reality: This myth is not true. The best carpet cleaners use advanced carpet cleaning chemicals that are gentle and soft on carpet fibers and do not harm their color or texture. Therefore, you can and should clean your carpet frequently and take professional help to complete the cleaning procedure. However,do not hire cheap services as they use dangerous chemicals and agents to clean the carpet surface. Always trust the professional to do this job.

Myth No. 5- ‘New Carpets Do Not Require Any Cleaning”

Reality: This is a piece of false information. Most homeowners believe that new carpets do not require any cleaning and carpet cleaning means shampooing the carpets only. Dirt, dust, and moisture can damage the carpet fibers from deep within. Therefore from the very beginning, you should take help from professional carpet cleaning companies and get the new carpet cleaned by sensitive methods designed by their experts.

Get Help From The Dubai’s Leading Carpet Cleaning Services:

If you are searching for a dependable carpet cleaner near me, Diva Laundry can provide you with the best carpet cleaning services to extend the life of your carpets. We are one of the leading launderers in Dubai and use the tried and tested methodology to clean your carpet. We carry out cleaning after analyzing several factors like material, quality, damage, stains, etc. Our cleaning methods ensure the protection of the texture of your carpet. We maintain an excellent customer relationship and always deliver the best results. Check out our official website for more information.

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