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Things To Consider Before Hiring Curtain Cleaners in Dubai

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Curtains are an important part of home and office interiors anywhere in the world. They prevent dust from entering the rooms and help in keeping the air clean. Curtains also give a charming effect to the ambiance of the room and living area. Thick curtains block the excessive heat during summers while light curtains allow more natural light to brighten up the house. It is important to clean curtains regularly to increase their life and prevent damage to the fabric. Regular cleaning of curtains is also essential to get rid of germs and bugs which may cause respiratory ailments and allergies. 

You must take into consideration following things before hiring best curtain cleaners in Dubai:

  • Before you start washing curtains, read the instructions on the labels which will tell you if the curtains are to be hand washed or machine washed at the right temperature. Ideally, you should wash colored curtains and white curtains separately.

  • If the fabric of the curtains is fragile, it is advisable to hire Dubai curtain cleaners as materials like velvet and silk require special handling by dry cleaning professionals.

  • Before you hire a curtain cleaner remember curtain cleaning is a specialized job done by experienced professionals. Your curtain cleaner must use the right chemicals for different types of curtains.

  • Make sure your curtain cleaner does not outsource the actual washing to another Laundromat as you may end up paying more without getting desired results.

  • Your curtain cleaner in Dubai might have a dedicated laundry with curtain washing facility but he might be sending the material to nearby cities where laundry services are cheaper.

Curtain Cleaners in Dubai
  • Before you handover, your curtains for washing to a curtain cleaner, ask for a quotation inclusive of taxes and any other add-ons. Normally the rates for dry cleaning of curtains vary according to size, weight, and fabric.

  • Make sure your curtain cleaner dismantles and installs all your curtains after washing as it is a tedious task. It is worthwhile paying a little fee for this service especially if you don’t have domestic help at home.

  • Ensure that your Dubai curtain cleaner offers pick-up and delivery service from your home as it is difficult to carry a heavy set of curtains to the laundry.

  • A good curtain cleaner will deploy powerful extraction machines to remove pollutants and dust and use eco-friendly solutions to avoid carbon footprint. In most of the areas in Dubai, it is recommended to get your curtains cleaned at least once a year and vacuum them on a regular basis to remove dirt and increase the life of the fabric.

  • A good curtain dry cleaner in Dubai will avoid using highly toxic chemicals for cleaning and use high-grade equipment and washing machines for deep cleaning. He will employ experienced washmen and pressmen who can handle your curtains with care.

Professional curtain cleaners in Dubai provide door-to-door service in all areas of the city with on-time pick-up and delivery. You can book their services online or give a call on their helpline numbers.

In Dubai, curtain cleaning should be done periodically to improve indoor air quality and remove dust and loose soil.         

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