Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Your bridal gown is worn for just one day but its significance lasts a lifetime. It is one of your most precious possessions and a symbol of an important event in your life and such should be treated with special care.





After Pressing, all gowns receive a complete final inspection. If we are not completely satisfied any or all of the previous steps will be repeated until we’re 100% sure the best possible results have been achieved.

If you need dress cleaning and preservation services, then you may contact us. We are one of the best service providers in the city.

Wedding Portrait

    • Where required, individual areas will be Hand Treated prior to cleaning to prevent material damage, discoloration or stains setting in.


    • All wedding gowns are then hand treated and hand dry-cleaned with programs tailored to each individual gown's characteristics.

    • All cleaning is done with fresh solvent that’s only used for cleaning wedding gowns.



    • After cleaning, all wedding gowns are re-inspected and meticulously Hand Spotted again. Time is no object, as we hand treat each individual area of yourgown.