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Top 10 Laundry Hacks You Need to Know

Laundry can drive you up the wall, especially when you think that you just have to dump the clothes into the washing machine and expect them to come out all clean. When they are out of the dryer, there’s a spot or a stain or two that seems so adamant that you think twice before you do your next lot. 


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However, for those who still want to pursue the dirt, here are some laundry hacks you can use to save time and a lot of labor.

1.    Laundry detergent

The primary hack for any stain is the inimitable and standard laundry detergent. However, enzymes in the detergents have the ability to break down these tough stains when used appropriately. Take a powdered detergent and mix it into water making a paste. Rub the area before turning it over to the washing machine.


2.    Stain remover

You don’t have to damage the fabric when removing stains. Use a stain remover to break down the molecules. Choose your liquid carefully, as some are meant for hard stains while others are mild.


3.    Alcohol

Alcohol has more uses than just making you tipsy. It can easily neutralize oil stains—simply take some of the solution on a clean cloth and rub it against the stained area, and see the stain vanish!


4.    Hydrogen Peroxide

Considered the mother of all hacks, hydrogen peroxide can remove the hardest stains. All you have to do is mix some in the water with which you wash your clothes.


5.    Bleach

Working wonderfully especially for your all-whites, bleach can remove stains and even unwanted color off your crisp clothes. Add it in the ration of 1 tablespoon per gallon.

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