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Safe Laundry Service During Coronavirus Spread In Dubai

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

While the whole world ,including UAE is fighting to contain the spread of coronavirus, your Safety is our Top priority !

Diva Laundry is making sure to give you safe and most hygienic service through the following steps:-

  1. REGULAR DE-SANITATION AND CLEANING OF FACILITIES – We are following strict protocols to disinfect and de-sanitize our facility.

  2. GLOVES, MASKS, AND HAND SANITIZERS- All our staff (both front end and back end) are wearing gloves and masks while on duty, and sanitizing their hands on regular intervals to avoid virus spread.

  3. STAFF AWARENESS AND TRAINING – our staff is being regularly educated and briefed about all safety and precautionary measures for self-protection and other’s safety to avoid any spreads.


  • We are using a MIX OF CHEMICALS THAT DISINFECT ITEMS while cleaning.

  • All items are being STEAM IRONED , this kills germs, as temperatures of steam is high and help kill the germs instantly.

We are here only to serve you better !

Stay safe and wish you good health.

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