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Reliable Professional Dry Cleaning in Dubai

Diva Laundry is determined to make laundry easier with its superior dry cleaning services in Dubai. We offer professional on-demand clothing care, cleaning and finishing services that cater to clients’ wardrobes, shoes and other household products.

We understand the amount of pressure in today’s high-powered and busy life and hence, offer you quick services at your doorstep. Want urgent laundry dry cleaning? We offer you super fast dry cleaning, free pick-up and delivery services to match your busy schedule.

Benefits of Wet Cleaning Laundry

From traditional manual dry cleaning options, which is recommended for quite a few luxury items to dry cleaning on high-end machinery, we offer it all. This technological edge, coupled with a customer-first approach, is fast earning us a reputation as the best dry cleaners in Dubai.

Pre-processing Inspection


Upon pickup, your clothing undergoes thorough inspection to check for any potential color bleeds or damage and to understand the material.​

Dry Cleaning Process


The dry cleaning process is done with utmost care to your garments using top-class Italian machines and dry cleaning solutions.


Patch Testing


Patch testing helps avoid unexpected damage to the garment. If we discover chances of damage, we take your approval before processing.

Garment Drying


Our expert team checks if the garment is properly dried at the right temperature for a specific time to avoid any damage.


Process Selection and Decision


Upon your approval, our expert dry cleaners determine the best way to clean your garments, depending on the material and fabric.

Post-Processing Inspection

Post-processing inspection is performed to verify that the garment is cleaned properly and desired outcomes have been achieved.


5 Benefits of Dry Cleaning Laundry

Here are some of the reasons why dry cleaning your clothes and other garments is important:

Less abrasive

All thanks to the latest technology and innovations, dry cleaning has become a gentle but effective process of cleaning even the most delicate piece of clothing.

Less abrasive

Handled with care

Our expert dry cleaners pay attention to the finer details. You benefit from a thorough pre-service quality check, spot stain removal - and the assurance that instructions on laundry care labels, temperature and drying settings are followed to the T.

Handled with care


Diva laundry ensures convenience by picking up, cleaning, folding, ironing and placing your clothing in protective bags for easy drop-off. Besides, you can easily book your dry cleaning and laundry in Dubai online with us, which is a huge time saver in today’s busy world.


Ideal for odour and stain removal

Trust our experienced dry cleaners in Dubai, who all have over 10 years of work experience handling laundry for luxury and delicate items. They are experts in comprehensively getting rid of clinging odours and stubborn stains while taking good care of your garment.

Ideal for odour and stain removal

Dry cleaners even handle large fabrics

The best thing about our professional dry cleaners is that they have expertise in handling large rugs, drapes, comforters and slipcovers, which you cannot clean easily at home.

Dry cleaners even handle large fabrics

Smooth service from end-to-end

Our process is designed with our customers’ convenience in mind. Here’s how it works:





Arrange a pickup from home or drop off at our outlet


Inspection, sorting, ironing


Free home delivery of your ironed items

Diva Laundry ensures an efficient, quick and cost-effective dry cleaning process. We ensure that all your items are processed within the committed time. We also automate some of our processes to ensure you get the same experience every time.

Contact us to order a laundry pickup and get your items dry-cleaned by professionals.


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