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Affordable, high-quality carpet cleaning service in Dubai


Trust your carpets to the experts.

Your carpet bears the load of all the movement in your home. Whether it's less-than-clean footwear, the dust blowing in from AC vents in your Dubai home, spill-prone little ones or adorable-but-fluff-shedding pets-everything eventually the settles on your carpet. Even with repeated cleaning with brush or a vacuum cleaner, your carpet becomes a breeding ground for germs and allergy-triggering agents. The solution? Get Diva Laundry to clean your carpets in the most efficient, safest and affordable way.

Carpet cleaning services we offer


In-store carpet cleaning

We'll pickup your carpet for free and give you an estimate of how much the cleaning will cost. Once you approve the cost, we will proceed with the most suitable cleaning method and deliver your clean carpet back to you, as good as new! That's a promise.


Onsite carpet cleaning

This is especially beneficial for huge wall-to-wall carpet system that need a deep clean. Our team of professionals will come to your location at a mutually convenient time and use state of the art equipment to clean your carpets without moving them!

Highlights of our carpet cleaning method


In-store carpet cleaning

We pick what works best for your carpet, based on its texture, material and other factors.


Strict safety protocols

Our textile experts employ a step-by-step process that protects your item from damage.


No harsh chemicals

Some chemicals may seem to work but ruin your carpet in the long rum. We use only safe options.

Our cleaning experts are happy to tell you more about the cleaning method - just speak to us if you have any questions. We believe in total transparency

Why should you choose Diva Laundry?

Here's why Diva Laundry is one of the best and most preferred carpet cleaning services in Dubai.

  • 10 years of  experience

  • Modern Italian cleaning machines
  • Expert textile supervisors focused on perfection and fabric quality
  • 8 varied cleaning agents with colourlock technology and superior stain removal
  • Strict workflow procedures monitored on camera 24/7 multiple checks and inspection

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